Call for guest articles

You like this blog and would like to actively take part in it? Now it's your chance: You can submit articles related to self-organized networked systems for possible inclusion on this blog as a guest blogger. You don't even need a blogger account, just some talent in creating an interesting text.

Some guidelines
  1. on topic: please take a look and get a feeling for the sort of topics in this blog before submitting.
  2. readable: keep decent english, we don't want our readers to struggle over too many typos
  3. no plagiarism: content must be original; copied texts and copyrighted images are not innovative and can get us in trouble
  4. reasonable length: 200..400 words is a good length - if you have more to say, consider a series of multiple articles
  5. pictures: if possible, include royalty-free images or multimedia (youtube) to spice up the text
  6. no spam: avoid crude (self)advertisement; an informative article about your own work is of course ok
  7. links: you may add a list of related links at the end of your article, including a link to your personal webpage, blog or a related publication. Guest articles will have a note "Guest article by <name>" - please tell me what (nick)name and link you prefer
  8. quantity: you may write multiple guest articles if you like
  9. quality:please note that quality is more important that quantity - a proposed article might also get rejected or I might ask you for a revision.
  10. with the submission you endorse me to keep a posting with your text at this blog (the rights for your article belong still to you)
If you’re still interested, contact me and send me your proposal for a guest post per email. My address can be found at my webpage
Text can be an ASCII, HTML or MSWord file. Images may be attached or linked. The origin of every image must be annotated (for example "wikimedia commons" + link). A copyrighted image or an image with unclear origin will not be included.