Friday, April 1, 2011


Braitenberg robot approaching a light source
A Braitenberg vehicle is a simple robot that is able to show interesting complex behavior. The main feature of a Braitenberg vehicle is that it lacks a complex controller but instead directly connects the sensors' output to some actuators' input. That way, a two-wheeled vehicle can, e.g. be told to approach or to flee from an object detected by the sensors. Dominik Egarter has build a nice Braitenberg vehicle using Lego mindstorms. To be exact, it is a Braitenberg emulator contained in the Lego Mindtstorms controller brick. The interesting feature is that the vehicle can be configured via a nice iPhone app. The iBraitenberg app is a useful demonstrator to introduce robotics to pupils. We presented the work at an open lab day at the university, where the project attracted a lot of people, among them several kids.

Movie explaining the vehicle and demonstrating the iBraitenberg app.

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