Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Game of Trust: a Game about Game Theory

The game of trust is a game created by Nicky Case inspired by Robert Axelrod's 1984 book, "The Evolution of Cooperation" and his 1997 sequel, "The Complexity of Cooperation", and Robert D. Putnam's 2000 book on America's declining "social capital", Bowling Alone.

The game let's you play an iterated prisoner's dilemma. Do you know the prisoners' dilemma? Not sure about the payoffs? Have a look at Nicky Case's model for an easy to remember ruleset:

You have one choice. In front of you is a machine: if you put a coin in the machine, the other player gets three coins – and vice versa. You both can either choose to COOPERATE (put in coin), or CHEAT (don't put in coin).

Experience game theory with entertaining graphics by Nicky Case

Now visit the game page of the game of trust and have fun!


  1. https://mathcauserie.blogspot.com/

    1. I usually don't allow links to other unrelated sites in the comments, but the one you linked is suitable, especially since there is an article about John von Neumann, I refer to his work a lot in this blog.